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This webshop not only offers high quality floral design patterns merchandises but also serves as a platform to demonstrate that floral design education extends beyond the art of creating beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. It showcases the practical application of floral design in everyday fashion and essential items.

Sport Shoes



During the Chelsea Flower Show 2023 trip, Rose Cao noticed lots of floral designs on clothes like floral tops, floral dresses, floral headbands and even floral suits. But guess what was missing? Floral shoes! When she searched online, all she found were shoes with the same repeated patterns from a single leaf or flower. Nothing really capture her attention. There aren't exactly any floral design shoes out there. That's when the idea for "Floral Harmony Collection" came about. And yes, this collection was created by Rose Cao herself!

Each shoe has a special arrangement of various flowers in harmony with each others, and guess what? No two shoes are the same! There are no boring repeated patterns. They're not exactly alike on both sides, making them super cool and different from regular shoes. Rose made sure each shoe is super unique and impossible to copy.

Beside being comfortable, wearing these shoes are like walking on art! They tell a story about the beauty of nature. If you want shoes that are special, real human-made art, and stylish, go for our Floral Harmony Shoes.





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