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Hi, I'm Rose (Cao Thi Huyen), I'm happy you found your way here! Whether a friend mentioned me or you came across my contents by chance. I just want you to know I'm well ready to accompany you on your floral journey!

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This is my story

I had spent 14 years living in Singapore, my last corporate job was being an Inventory Planner for a top Fortune 50 Engineering Company but I was feeling unfulfilled. Despite excelling in my job and I could see myself moving up on the corporate ladder quickly, I felt wrong about the whole idea of security & dependency especially during the economic downtime. A lot of my co-workers got retrenched even they had had the company awarded with Rolex and big bonuses for their 20, 30, 35 years long service. That really got me into thinking about my future.

Other than that fear, working for a multinational company seemed fairly pleasant from 9-5 sitting in an air-conditioned cubicle office. Everyone around including myself always looked forward to enjoy our weekend getaways and then back to the same old routine to wait for that TGIF again. All and all, I lacked happiness, & freedom. I felt trapped. I thought that was my dream after many years studying and working very hard for it. I often felt I could do better & be more useful even though I already took on 3-4 people jobs at that time after some colleagues left or were laid off without advanced notice. In my search for purpose and how to escape that cubicle. I discovered floral design in 2014. I took a professional floral design course from one of the best schools in Asia and in 2016, I made history as the first Vietnamese floral artist earning a Silver Medal in the Singapore Garden Festival. For the first time, I found myself not only good at doing something but also passionate while doing it.

After 2 year into Floral Design, I made the biggest decision of my life - I left my job, my Singapore green card and my life in Singapore and returned to Vietnam, I then established a floral art studio and organized hundreds of events and workshops before moving to online space & migrating to Europe with my family in 2019.

In May 2023, I made history again, this time being the first Vietnamese floral artist to earn a Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show in London. The most meaningful part? The whole trip was heavily sponsored by growers, partners and my beloved floral art community.

How can I walk this far so fast? The key is in "collaboration" with others such as local and international designers; growers; wholesalers & various floral related brands.

Since 2017, I partnered with the world largest online learning platforms before further my expansion in 2021, I created my own floristry education platform for a more interactive learning experience. Now, I offer diverse courses, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical modules & direct coaching. My goal is to make learning less expensive and more accessible to global community of flower lovers.

Beside teaching, I host the Rose Cao Podcast, sharing European Floral Art knowledge and providing a platform for other artists to share their stories. My 10 years flower journey has proved LOVE IS ALWAYS WIN. We should work & live pursuing our passion and build meaningful connections along the ways because we serve the best doing what we love. At this point, my focus is to use my time; knowledge and experience helping others do the same - finding the things you really love and never think about retirement anymore. Because I love what I do so much that I do not consider retiring from it.

Rose Cao's Award-winning design was featured on SGF Marketing video 2018

In the News: VTV4's Latest Headline Coverage

...Wait! That's just half of my story!

After all those achievements, you might assume that I must have a strong support system or at least come from a privileged background and enjoy the advantages that others don't. The truth is quite the opposite.

I was born and raised in a slow-paced town in Vietnam, where girls, like my mom and sister, often entered into marriage at a very young age—both of them were married by the time they turned 18 and had their first child when they were 19. My father used to struggle with drug addiction, imprisonment, and rehab throughout his life, while my mother never had the chance to learn how to read or write. Despite coming from the background, I feel fortunate to be raised by true hustlers — My dad taught me that whatever can be picked up can be put down. My mom taught me to be strong and independent.

Since young, I was told that without focusing on education, my options would be limited to early marriage or labor-intensive kind of jobs. Thus, pursuing education became the only path to a better future and a chance to escape my challenging circumstances. Fear of walking down those narrow paths was a very powerful motivation back in the day.

In Vietnam, there's a saying: "Near ink, you will be black; near light, you will be bright." Despite this common belief, I refused to accept it. I firmly believe that circumstances do not determine one's nature & future. This belief has been the light guiding me throughout my journey.

Later, I encountered a similar concept in the story of two wolves, emphasizing that survival depends on the wolf you feed, be it in darkness or light. When people ask about how I got to the light, I tell them that I can't control my circumstances; luck might not always be on my side, but showing up and giving my very best in things I do each day are something which I can decide for myself. That's how I attract both luck and opportunities I guess.

Over the years, I've come to realize that the support of those around you—those who believe in you, your values and direction—is the light power. That's why the concept of collaboration I mentioned in the first half of my story is, in many ways, self-explanatory.

If you read this far! We should get to know more about each other!

Feel free to reach out, or continue to discover more about my current endeavors.


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