5 things you need to know about Rose Cao Floral Design.

1. The here & the now

We firmly believe that luck is the result of making the right choices at the right time and place. And when is the right place & time? Always here & now! Seize the moment, take action, and watch your dreams become reality!

2. We say no to drama

We reject hate, racism, sexism, and other harmful -isms. Our commitment extends beyond education but the positive environment of inclusivity, respect, and understanding.

3.Yes, we're profit focus

Proudly embracing a for-profit orientation, we stand by the belief that capitalism is a force that uplifts all of us from poverty. As educators, we understand the value of intellectual contributions and advocate for fair compensation to uphold quality.

4. We inspire you for a living

Our passion is inspiring people. We recognize 5 levels of teaching: those who don't understand what they teach; those who don't apply what they teach; those who apply what they teach, those who succeed applying what they teach, and those who are so successful that they inspire others. We always strive to reach the highest level, walking the path of success and inspiration.

5.We are not for all!

Our courses and products are not one-size-fits-all, and that's intentional. We focus on serving our customers while respecting individuality and freedom. Having navigated our own challenging journey, we're here to pay forward mentorship and make your journey worthwhile, if you allow us to help you!