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About us

Rose Cao Floral Design (RCFD) is an online Floristry Education Platform - found by Rose Cao - an international multiple award winning Floral Artist. This platform is your gateway to comprehensive and accelerated learning in the world of floral design. The training curriculums are carefully crafted to equip you with the essential tools and support for a safe landing in the floristry industry. Our approach saves you from the costly trials and errors, ensuring an effective learning experience & outcome.

Here's what sets us apart:

Global Impact: With a reach extending across 42 countries, we've empowered over 1300 learners.

Skill Acquisition: Our platform goes beyond traditional education. We're dedicated to helping learners acquire new skills, the platform offers theoretical modules and practical tutorial videos, allowing our students to participate anytime, anywhere, on their computers or phones via internet connection. They can save time and plan their own schedules the way they want.

Business Support: For those aspiring to turn their passion into a thriving business, we offer guidance and support that lead to lasting financial freedom.

  • Comprehensive Training Material:

    • Access the fundamental concepts and design theories of the Floral Art
    • Built-in Video tutorials: Watch lecture videos to receive detailed information and practical demonstrations.
    • Practical Exercises: Apply knowledge through assignments that help strengthen your skills.
  • Three ways learning:

    • Self-learnt by taking quizzes & practice from ready made contents.
    • Participate in monthly live group coaching sessions led by Rose Cao. Chance to learn from your peers.
    • Receive valuable insights, feedback, and industry tips directly from expert.
  • Membership Access and Flexibility:

    • Once you join RCFD, you're our members for as long as you wish.
    • You can complete the online program at your own pace.
    • You have the right to revisit and review training modules, bonus resources, and live session recordings whenever you need to.
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What's in it for you?


Gain solid knowledge on European Floral Art

Understand the principles that form the backbone of exceptional floral design. Understand the role of balance, proportion, contrast, unity, harmony and style to create stunning arrangements.


Become a Fresh-Cut Flower care Expert

Build your skills with a detailed exploration of flower conditioning and care. Discover the secrets to prolonging the freshness and vibrancy of your fresh cuts & finished arrangements.


Master the secrets of Color Design Harmony

Learn the art of color selection from basic to advanced applications to harmonize natural colors effectively, creating visually appealing and emotionally floral compositions.


Develop Your Floristry Skills to the better level

Learn the craft of floral arrangement across diverse settings. We guide you through one step at a time and feedback on your design outcome. Receive recognition after the course.


Know how to Integrate to Online Business

Take your passion to the next level by learning the ropes of launching an online flower business. We provide insights into effective organic marketing strategies designed for the floral industry.

Floristry Courses (in English)

Student's Testimonials

  1. How do I enroll in RCFD courses?
    To enroll, simply use international payment cards like Visa or MasterCard, Apple pay, Amex... we are supported by PayPal & Stripe. The registration process is straightforward & secured ensuring user safety. After payment, you can log in and start learning our floristry courses immediately.
  2. What is the duration of each course?
    Each course is valid for 3 months, 6 months or one year, depend on the access you want to enrolled.
  3. Why doesn't RCFD use a one-time fee or lifetime learning model?
    RCFD opts for yearly registration to reduce costs for students and focus on providing quality floral art education.
  4. How are students' practical assignments evaluated?
    Students submit practical assignments through images, which instructors review and approve. Assignments are approved upon meeting requirements written in the lesson content.
  5. How do students receive completion certificates?
    Upon completion of all practical assignments, students receive a completion certificate. You can download them right from the platform.
  6. What differentiates RCFD certificates from others?
    RCFD certificates focus on practical skills, awarded only after hands-on practice approval by instructor. This ensures high-quality, reliable certification, demonstrating a commitment to course standards for the next florist generation .
  7. Do I need prior knowledge to join RCFD courses?
    No, prior knowledge is not required.
  8. Which courses are recommended for starting a floral business from scratch?
    For starting a floral business, enroll in Rose Cao's basic to advanced programs or Retail Floral Design Course. These cover commercial topics and artistic floral designs, providing a solid foundation for business growth.
  9. If I have several years of experience but haven't attended in-depth training, which course should I choose?
    For experienced florists seeking in-depth training, Rose Cao's advanced course is recommended. They cover foundational to advanced levels, helping you to build knowledge and professionalism.
  10. For home decoration purposes only, which course should I enroll in?
    If decorating homes is your goal, enroll in Rose Cao's basic course or Lifestyle floral design course. These courses provide sufficient knowledge and skills for aesthetically pleasing and creative home decoration.
  11. Can I save lessons and print them for reference?
    Learners can print and save materials for personal use but must refrain from sharing or distributing them publicly. Printing our materials into books for sharing with others or for sales is not allowed.
  12. Can I take courses that I register with you and learn with my friends or my colleagues? Whether you share our courses with colleagues is beyond our control. However, when submitting assignments and issuing certificates, we only approve and issue them for the name of the innitial registered student.
  13. Are students allowed to use materials on the RCFD platform for training others? Students are allowed to use information on the platform for training purposes but need to complete the course and receive a professional certificate from RCFD. At the same time, the materials need to credit the source information from the Rose Cao Floral Design online floristry education platform. However, even if graduates, students are not allowed to issue certificates under the name of Rose Cao or any instructor of the platform.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by fill in email form below or click on Chat button on the bottom left of your screen to connect with our admin support!