Botanical Harmony Designer

JANUARY 22, 2024

(This is a project based position)

We are seeking skilled designers who are able to create a series of floral and botanical designs for our upcoming merchandise collections. The designs should reflect our brand identity, emphasizing a blend of elegance, creativity and a deep harmony connection to nature through floral elements.


  • Incorporate a diverse range of flowers, leaves, and botanical elements.
  • Explore various floral styles, from intricate details to minimalist and modern designs.
  • Utilize a harmonious color palette that aligns with our brand colors (provide color codes).
  • Create a collection of at least 10 unique floral designs that can be applied across different merchandise items (apparel, accessories, home decor, etc.).

File Formats:
Provide designs in scalable vector formats (AI, EPS) for flexibility in resizing.
Include high-resolution JPEG or PNG files for preview purposes.

Inspiration and Reference:
Provide a mood board or reference images that capture the desired aesthetic. This may include images of floral arrangements, color swatches, and design styles that align with our vision. 

Target Audience:
Consider our target audience – individuals who appreciate nature-inspired designs with a touch of sophistication. Designs should appeal to a broad demographic.

Brand Guidelines:
Adhere to our brand guidelines in terms of logo placement, typography, and any specific design elements outlined in our brand documentation.

Submission Deadline:
This position has no deadline. We are always seeking creative individuals. 

Compensation will be based on a negotiated rate per design or a percentage of revenuew if designs are approved to use in merchandise. Payment details will be discussed and outlined in the contract.

Ownership Rights:
Clarify that upon payment, full ownership rights to the designs will be transferred to the company. And the designer will receive evergreen royalty based on each producted sold.

How to Apply: Ready to share your floral/ botanical designs to the world? Apply now by submitting your details, a brief introduction, and relevant social media links.