18 participating designers in Floral Windows to the World Championship 2024

In the world of floral design, there are numerous competitions dedicated to the field of floristry. One of the prestigious international competitions is the Worldcup FTD organized every 4-6 years by Interflora. This year, we are once again experiencing a competition with a similar format called the "Floral Windows to the World Championship" - The highlight competition of the Singapore Garden Festival 2024 organised by Nparks (National Park Board of Singapore). This is also the first season that they have this category in this format. To know more detail of the format, check out their official page of SGF2024:

After a month of selection, the organiser has just announced the 18 outstanding designers from 18 countries around the world, preparing to showcase their talents on this prestigious stage. Let's continue reading to find out who they are!

*All images are credited to the participating designers.

 1. Representing Australia - Dayne Tyler Robinson:

With over a decade of experience, Dayne Tyler Robinson is ready to represent Australia with her creative works. She has won many Gold awards at the Melbourne International Flowers & Garden Show, and in early 2024, she also participated as a judge. Surely, she will bring a wealth of expertise to this competition in Singapore.


2. Representing Belgium - Stefan Van Berlo:

Stefan Van Berlo's journey from winning the Belgium Championship in 2010 to becoming a renowned international florist continues to inspire florists worldwide. His combination of skills and passion not only brings him accolades but also opportunities to share his knowledge through classes and artistic demonstrations across Europe. In 2022, Stefan ranked in the top 5 in the Europa competition. In my opinion, Stefan will be one of the strongest contenders in this championship.



3. Representing Canada - Lea Romanowski:

Lea Romanowski's unique floral design style, combining rustic and painterly elements, has made her stand out in the artistic floral design industry. With over three decades of experience, she continues to push boundaries and redefine the art of flower arrangement through her studio, Designing on the Edge. Hopefully, we will get to admire Lea's rustic works of art in this competition.



4. Representing China - Zhao Guanglong:

Zhao Guanglong's journey into the world of artistic floral design later in life demonstrates his patience in improving his skills and finding his true passion in his work. He is a successful entrepreneur with multiple companies and a talented, reserved floral designer. He brings a fresh perspective to the competition, emphasizing the importance of flowers and art in modern lifestyles.

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5. Representing Denmark - Berit Skjottgaard Laursen: Berit Skjottgaard Laursen's love for nature and simplicity is reflected in her artistic floral designs. Her unique and interesting works, with the harmony of nature and the joy of life intertwined, promise to attract many admirers with her artistic design style. She also has a passion for participating in floral design competitions, promising to captivate many fans with her artistic design style.


6. Representing Estonia - Ahti Lyra:

Ahti Lyra's extensive experience as a talented floral designer and his contributions to the Estonian floral industry are undeniable. His commitment to promoting the art of flower arrangement through competitions and associations is a testament to his dedication to the profession. 


7. Representing Hungary - Tamás Mezőffy:

Tamás Mezőffy's deep connection with nature since childhood has led to a successful career as a florist and decorator. With international experience and a passion for sharing knowledge, he brings a unique perspective to the competition. As the champion of Eurofleurs 2006, the European Championship of Floristry 2016, and third place in the World Cup 2019. You can guess he will be one of the strongest competitors this competition. 


8. Representing Japan - Hiroto Inoue:

Hiroto Inoue's background in architectural studies has created a difference in his works, combining traditional Japanese elements with modern design. His expertise and teaching experience promise to inspire audiences worldwide.


9. Representing Malaysia - Caroline Loo:

Recipient of the Malaysian President Award, Caroline Loo's mastery in the European art floral design and Ikebana is reflected in her diverse and professional works. As a certified floral designer, she continues to elevate the floral design industry in Malaysia through education and continuous innovation.


10. Representing the Netherlands - Robert Koene:

Growing up in a family business with wholesale flowers lays the foundation for Robert Koene's elegant and modern style. With experience working on royal weddings and large-scale events, he brings sophistication and rich experience to the competition.



11. Representing New Zealand - Franca Logan:

Three decades of experience in artistic floral design and teaching make Franca Logan a worthy competitor. Her studio, Florienne, reflects her passion for seasonal flowers and the art of floral design.


12. Representing Poland - Iza Tkaczyk:

Iza Tkaczyk's journey from graduating as a top floral designer to organizing workshops and participating in exhibitions demonstrates her dedication to the profession. Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland, is also an important foundation for her current artistic creativity. 


13. Representing South Korea - Hung Mo Joo, Momo:

Hung Mo Joo, also known as Momo, brings his expertise as a floral designer, garden stylist, and educator to the competition. With many years of experience and owning a flower shop, he promises to impress with his creativity.



14. Representing Singapore - Benard Soh: Self-taught designer Benard Soh's passion for perfection has helped him excel in the floral design industry for three decades. His keen eye for detail and unique style guarantee beautiful flower arrangements.



15. Representing South Africa - Coral Shortt:

Coral Shortt's transition from information technology to floral design reflects her passion for flowers. With certifications and continuous learning, she brings a combination of creativity and professionalism to the competition.


16. Representing the United Kingdom - Timo Bolte:

Timo Bolte's journey from his grandmother's garden to global recognition as a professional event floral designer reflects his lifelong dedication to the craft. As a judge and speaker, he continues to inspire and innovate in the floral design industry. He will also be a formidable opponent with his unpredictable ability to transform colors.


17. Representing the United States - Hoa Mai, Cherrie:

Cherrie's notable presence in California's floral design scene and her pioneering efforts in Vietnam make her a standout competitor. With decades of experience and leadership roles, she promises to leave a lasting impression on the international audience.


18. Representing Vietnam - Khoi Ha:

Khoi Ha's international recognition and commitment to the Vietnamese floral community make him a formidable competitor. His works and commitment to innovation in techniques and arrangements ensure a particularly impressive performance at the competition.


As these 18 designers from 5 continents converge in this championship, they bring not only skills and creativity but also a shared passion for floral art that transcends geographical boundaries. With diverse backgrounds, experiences, and very different styles, we hope to witness inspiring works of art. Let's follow the journey of this competition together! Leave your comments below on your top 5 finalists!


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